Remedies for warts. Medical treatment

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Warts and papillomas are neoplasms that appear on the skin surface and mucous membranes of a person due to human papillomavirus infection. Most of the time, warts do not go away spontaneously. To prevent the spread of infection, it is necessary to physically eliminate the growth, in addition to helping the body to resist the virus that has taken hold. There are many drugstore remedies to remove warts. Having familiarized yourself with the characteristics of the most effective one, you can choose the best remedy for you.

Types of Warts

There are several dozen strains of HPV and the percentage of people who have not encountered any of them in their lifetime is very small. Depending on the genotype of the papillomavirus that has entered the human body, the following types of warts can grow:

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  • common or vulgar- occur more frequently in the upper and lower extremities, in places of frequent folds and injuries. They are keratinized neoplasms with a rough surface. Due to frequent damage, daughter growths can occur near the main wart;
  • simple or young- Light brown neoplasms slightly elevated above the surface of the skin, arising on the face, neck, hands, legs. It usually grows in groups;
  • plant (thorns)- keratinized hard warts with visible black dots in the center. This type of common wart is often confused with corn. May cause significant pain when pressed;
  • Pointy (genital warts)- finger-like growths, pink and smooth. Can form cauliflower conglomerates. They grow in the genital area, in the skin folds.
  • Medical treatment

    Papillomaviruses infect the upper layers of the skin. It penetrates through minor damage such as cracks or scratches. Installed inside, the virus waits for the right conditions for reproduction and, when they appear, a wart grows in the body in a short time. Drugs for these growths are divided into several groups:

    • immunity stimulation and antiviral agents for oral administration;
    • topical agents that kill papilloma cells and exfoliate keratinized tissues;
    • local antiviral agents.

    Remedies for local action papillomas

    This group of medicines is represented by a wide variety of ointments, creams, balms, pencils, oils, plasters, solutions. Depending on the nature of the neoplasm, its size, the age of the patient, the best remedy can be selected.


    This is one of the cheapest, most effective and therefore popular means for self-removal of various growths. Most of them have a caustic composition, and even a single application to the skin causes a rapid necrotizing effect on the affected area. For this reason, the solutions are not recommended for treating children and people with very sensitive skin.


    Drug solutions cannot reduce papillomas located in the mucous membranes. Violation of this recommendation can cause severe burns.

    Ointments, creams, sprays

    This group of funds is attractive because, despite a longer treatment, there are usually no scars and scars at the end of it. The most suitable medication in this group will be recommended by a specialist.

    Cryotherapy at home

    Cryodestruction (or freezing) is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. This is a painless procedure that effectively kills the cells affected by the papillomavirus. There are more affordable analogues of such a service, which it is quite possible to provide on your own. To do this, you need to buy special products from the pharmacy and use them as instructed.

    freezing wart removal

    Homeopathy for warts

    Homeopaths see the human body as an integral system. Any cutaneous manifestation signals a malfunction of some internal organs. Treatment of skin tumors with homeopathic preparations involves eliminating the causes that led to their appearance and not affecting the wart itself. As the internal problems of the body are eliminated, the skin will also be in order.

    The peculiarity of the selection of homeopathic medicines lies in the fact that the physician takes into account a large number of individual characteristics of the patient (such as physical and mental characteristics), the symptoms of his illness. After analyzing the information received, the homeopath draws a drug-taking scheme.

    Chinese drugs for warts

    Medicines from Chinese manufacturers are deservedly respected by those who have tried them. The most effective remedy for papillomas from China will be recommended by a doctor.


    Woman, 44 years old:

    "I'll tell you how I managed to cure the wart. I noticed several small calluses on my foot. I tried to erase them with a pumice stone - without much result. After examining them carefully, I noticed dots in the middle. Googling, I found that It's about warts. Among the removal methods described I liked the most. I bought a can of a special product. Before getting cold I was afraid of hurting, but it was in vain, as it turned out. Then, a slight sensation of cold. Two weeks then I removed the wound and pressed it again with the applicator. No more warts appeared. "